Secrets of the Great Communicators

How to Influence Audiences using the Power of Congruency

Online Training Course - Description:

Whether you are a business leader, a tech entrepreneur or a concerned parent, you need to be able to communicate clearly and sometimes powerfully. This is not a "nice to have" skill. This is a key to success in whatever you attempt to achieve in life. In this course you will learn about the power of Congruency and how you can use this to radically improve the effect of your communication. You will learn how to connect more deeply with your core message, how to align your words, voice and body language in order to move and influence your listeners. This course is ideal for Business Leaders, Managers and Entrepreneurs, but also for Teachers and Students.

This course contains over 40 video lessons including exercises, tips and case studies. 

Online Training Course Goals:

  • Defining and Understanding the elements of Powerful communication
  • What do the Great Communicators do that is different from the rest?
  • How do great speakers move audiences emotionally?
    Words Music Dance - Why Congruency is the essential key to influence
  • Understanding Aristotle’s Rhetorical Triangle of Influence
  • Using Modalities (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) to Connect with audiences
  • Practicing Simple and Clear communication (intention, clarity, brevity)
  • Mastering WORDS - Rhetoric and Structures
  • Mastering DANCE - Harnessing the Power of body language
  • Mastering MUSIC - Unlocking Voice Secrets
  • Emotions - Why they are the most important part of any pitch or presentation
  • First Impressions - Audiences will judge you quickly
  • Consistency Bias and how this can work to your advantage in a presentation
  • Case Studies (including Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler and others)
  • Exercises to rapidly improve your skills
  • Putting it all together - Moving Your Audiences to Action

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