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Whether you are a business leader, a tech entrepreneur or a concerned parent, you need to be able to communicate clearly and sometimes powerfully. This is not a "nice to have" skill. This is a key to success in whatever you attempt to achieve in life. Join us on a journey to quickly improve your communication skills.

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Building Networks of People

Your Network is perhaps your most valuable asset in business. It's the people you know and trust who will be the ones to open doors for you in the future. How can you build a strong network? This course contains practical tips, examples and worksheets that will have you building your network immediately.

The Art of Pitching Your Ideas

Maybe you have a brilliant idea, but how can you open up the minds and hearts of others? How can you get them to really want to hear about your product, service or proposal? This course is about how to pitch an idea and generate interest. 

Presenting in Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are much harder than face-to-face meetings. You have to do things very differently if you are to have the same "executive presence" that you might have live. In this course you will learn about Setup for virtual, Equipment you should invest in, Designing virtual meetings, How to deliver online and common mistakes. 

The Secrets of the Great Communicators

What do the world's best communicators do when holding speeches? What do they say? How do they say it in order to have Impact and Influence? In this extensive course with over 40 video lessons you will learn how to become a more powerful  and confident public speaker.

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If you have questions about how to improve the communication of your team members, give us a call. We design courses, workshops and leadership development courses for customers all over the globe.


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